Benefits of Bariatric Surgery

The diseases reported to get completely corrected or improved after bariatric surgery the followings:

-Sleep apnea: It is one of the comorbidities that get better the earliest after surgery. It almost completely goes away in the first postoperative month. Even patients who have to use a CPAP device regain a normal sleep mode, with no need to use a device.

-Type 2 Diabetes: The surgical procedure should be determined based on the severity of diabetes and the need for drug. The recovery rate of diabetes among diabetic patients reaches 95%, depending on the procedure. In the presence of severe Type 2 diabetes, the limit for bariatric surgery drops from BMI 35 to BMI 30 because is a matter of metabolic surgery in such a case. There are many surgical options directly intended for diabetes. If the appropriate patients and appropriate procedures are selected, the patient can be enabled to stop taking insulin and all other medicines in the postoperative period.

-Hypertension: Hypertension associated with obesity is eliminated by 70%, and usually the patient does not need to take medicine after the first postoperative month.

Benefits of Bariatric Surgery 2 -Heart failure: The risk of heart attack and heart failure has been found to decrease significantly after bariatric surgery. On the other hand, applications made to emergency departments for this purpose decreases dramatically.

-Peripheral edema: Bariatric surgery does not only restrict gastric volume, but also eliminates hormonal imbalances. Accordingly, a significant edema resolution is observed from the first postoperative days in patients with peripheral edema.

-Respiratory failure, asthma: Interestingly, there are many publications reporting a decrease in asthma attacks after bariatric surgery.

-Dyslipidemia: The elevated blood fat levels immediately turn to normal, especially after malabsorptive surgeries. Transient imbalances can be observed only during the period of rapid weight loss. Familial hypercholesterolemia may not get better.

-Esophagitis: Since obesity is a factor that leads to reflux, reflux esophagitis gets better to a certain extent after surgery, as well. Although new reflux formation can be observed after sleeve gastrectomy, the increase disappears after the first year.

-Pseudotumor cerebri

-Decrease in the risks of other surgical procedures: The risk significantly decreases especially when orthopedic interventions are needed.

-Osteoarthritis: Obesity is a chronic disease accompanied by inflammatory events in all tissues. The inflammatory processes in the joints regress after bariatric surgery. There are actual publications reporting that back pain and lumbar pain get better significantly.

-Thromboembolism: Obesity itself is a condition that increases the risk of emboli and thrombosis in the lower extremities. When it disappears, these risks decrease.

-Urinary incontinence

Besides these, a certain improvement occurs in the quality of life and fertility gets enhanced up to a certain level after bariatric surgery. Although it is difficult to show literally, macrovascular complications significantly decrease to a certain extent after these surgical procedures. It has been reported that also the renal filtration functions rapidly recover, especially in diabetic patients.

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